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Advisory Service for the analysis and evaluation of the Design of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems (A / IS)

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Autonomous and Intelligent Systems (A/IS) need to be lawful, ethical and robust. That’s what means to be Trustworthy. These characteristics should be met throughout the system’s entire life cycle.

It all starts with system design. It should ensure adherence to ethical principles and values and be robust, both from technical and social perspective. Even with good intentions an A/IS can cause unintentional harm.

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What do we do?

We offer assistance to include consideration of human ethical values throughout the concept exploration and development stages of autonomous and intelligent software systems (A / ISS). We are talking about sustainability, privacy, usability, convenience, controllability and accountability, as well as the values typically considered in systems engineering, such as efficiency and effectiveness. We help you minimize ethical risk for your organizations, stakeholders, and end users of your products, aligning software engineering design with a value-based system design methodology.

What can we do for you?

Do you already have a running A/IS? We can help you to implement a value-based analysis. We will help you to: - Understanding and anticipating value implications and consequences of your systems and taking investment decisions based on them; - Identifying ethical value requirements (EVR) and priorities for your system design to be integrated into system requirements; - Choosing system design alternatives according to value priorities while avoiding or mitigating value harms or ethical pitfalls; - Keeping control of the long-term value-based sustainability of a system through ongoing supervision and information management; - Creating transparency around the choices made and the system’s resulting functionality.

How will we help you?

We offer you a walkthrough assistance during your software conception and design process. We accompany you during the design process and indicate what you should consider, and we offer you to analyze your final design and give you our assessment of whether or not these criteria are met. Next generation of A/IS products should demonstrate compliance with ethical values based requirements. Be ready for this future, now !

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